Samba Aluminium Folding Goal 5ft x 3ft

Brand new to the UK. Professional football goal post for all ages and skill levels. Can be used by professionals as a training aid or for recreational use in the garden or park. Under 10 seconds to unfold and ready to play. fits into the boot of most cars, only 82cm x 74cm x 17cm when folded flat, weight 9kg. Foldable lightweight high quality aluminium frame. 5ft (159cm) wide x 3ft (92cm) high x 2.5ft (75cm) depth Ideal size for 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 or target shooting, whether for professional use or in the back garden. New velcro fitted mesh net, that reduces the tension of a shot. The net can be taken on and off the frame quickly. Use on any surface, grass, turf, sand, street, indoor floor etc. Included in the price: Aluminium Frame Net