Mitre FA Cup Match 22-23 Football

$45.00 Regular price $70.00
  • Introducing the new Mitre Match FA Cup football for the 22/23 Season. This is a match quality version of the Official Emirates FA Cup football, so you can play like a pro.
  • The new design features a wealth of nostalgia & heritage, with design cues from the original Ultimax Ball of the 90's, but given an FA Cup twist, with embellished trophy design and striking colour palette.
  • Approved with IMS accreditation - which ensures it's match quality and won't disappoint.
  • Featuring Hyperseam TM technology, with bonded and stitched seams for almost zero water uptake, to last in all weather conditions.
  • Developed with a unique 20 panel construction for superior in-play consistency and superb ball flight.
  • Constructed with Hyperfoam, a cushioned, high elastic foam, for maximum power when you strike.
  • Available in various sizes, depending on age. (Size 3, 4 and 5).
  • Suitable for grass or Astro surfaces