Mitre Calcio Match Plus

The Mitre Calcio Match Plus Soccer ball has been inspired by the great balls of the 90s, reimagined for a new generation of young footballers. It is perfect for use in matches or as a high-quality training ball. The ball uses a 20-panel design and features a textured surface to improve first touch and close control, even in wet weather conditions. A 4.5mm foam backing gives the ball a premium feel and also helps to transfer the power from your foot into the ball with every kick. On the outer layer of the ball is a 0.6mm coating of polyurethane which improves the strength and durability. features: Available in size 4 & 5 IMS International Match Standard Rating 4.5mm foam backing 0.6mm polyurethane outer casing 20-panel construction Textured outer Hyperseam technology