Mitre Delta One 24 white football - 10 ball pack

Mitre Delta One 24 football - White (Size)

This pack contains 10 x Delta One 24 white footballs and 1 x Mesh Ball sack

HyperSeal™ - thermally bonded 14 panel construction ensures zero water absorption, incredible shape retention and ensures a clean strike. • Laminated butyl synthetic bladder - designed to deliver rapid speed, intense power, and increased bounce, all while keeping ball shape throughout intense matches. • HyperFlow™ - engineered de-bossed grooves manipulate airflow for unrivalled flight accuracy and consistency at all speeds. • RB Foam base-layer - provides a solid and responsive feel on the ball, helping produce speed whilst ensuring a quality touch. • PU Leather with Mitre dimpled texturing to ensure grip and control in all weather conditions. • Suitable for grass and astro surfaces. • FIFA Quality Approved